About Us

At SF Life and Justice, our mission is to demonstrate and promote exemplary Christian leadership. Just as Christ chose and molded his disciples to be in charge of the church, and gave the great Commission to the rest of us Christians, so will we take up these responsibility and instill a Christ-like leadership in every individual that we work with. We desire a world with love and this is the kind of world where every citizen in whichever part of the world has access to justice and peace.

In order to fulfill our mission, we will work closely with those in leadership and vow to remain non-partisan. Our guide is the gospel therefore we’ll neither be left nor right, democrat nor republican, we stand for peace and justice and that will be our guiding principle. We will therefore work with leaders both political and community leaders to transform our societies in a positive manner. Every piece of legislation or program that we push for will be geared towards securing human dignity which it is our overall goal to safeguard.

Thank you and welcome.
Adam McEvoy – Founder, SF Life and Justice