4 important qualities of a Christian in leadership

In whatever leadership role you find yourself as a Christian whether it’s in church, in school, at work, in the community or in a political capacity, we must always remember that leadership has been ordained by God and that we were specifically chosen to serve in those positions so that we can do God’s work.

In this article, I am going to share with you 4 important qualities of a Christian in leadership trusting that it will help you become a better leader.

1 You must be cheerful

It’s often said that as a leader at the top, you must always be prepared because it tends to get a little bit lonely. This therefore means that as a leader you must learn to be cheerful and never rely on others to draw your cheer. Practice to be your own source of cheer and always delight in your work no matter how unrewarding or lonely it may at times appear to be.

2 Always be ready to correct others

As a leader, you have the responsibility of offering guidance and correction to those under you therefore, anytime you have an opportunity to do so, be sure to take it. That piece of correction you give a junior may just be the piece of advice they need to transform their life for the better.

3 Always challenge others

As a Christian in leadership, you must always strive to ensure that those under you grow up to become the best versions of themselves. The only way you can achieve this is through always challenging them to be better.

4 You must be a model

As a Christian in leadership, you must always be an example for those below you to live by. It’s therefore important for you to conduct yourself in such a way that those under you will want to emulate you. You will achieve a more fulfilling leadership career if you are a role model to many.

All in all, you must always know that these qualities take time, patience and commitment to nurture therefore you must be willing to put in the work.

I trust that this has been an informative article.