These are the 3 reasons Christians should be involved in Governance

In one of my previous articles, I had briefly mentioned the relationship between church and state and why the separation should be respected. I however also hold the strong opinion that in as much as church and state should be separated, Christians should be actively involved in governance.

In this article, I am going to share with you the 3 reasons I believe Christians should be involved in governance.

1 Christians are also beneficiaries of government

Some people hold the opinion that when Christians engage in politics, it will distract them from the great commission. This is however not a valid point because Christians are also beneficiaries of government therefore they must fully participate in governance so that they can help instill the Church’s values of justice and human dignity in government programing.

2 Christians can’t avoid politics

In today’s political environment where the citizenry is responsible for electing their leadership, it’s very important for Christians to actively participate in this process of electing political leaders who are responsible for governance. This is the only way Christians can be able to put fellow Christians in positions of leadership so that the interests of the church are fully looked after.

3 It’s important for Government to promote Christian values

Social justice and respect for human dignity is a Christian value that government must respect. This is therefore why Christians must actively participate in governance so that they can be better placed to push for the promotion of Christian values in governance. Society will be a much better place if there is a government in place that respects and promotes justice and human dignity.

There you have it, just my humble opinion on why I strongly believe that Christians should actively participate in governance. I hope it has been an insightful read.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.